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Comment of the day

"Restoration it is not. Fake generic replacement is more like it. The facade has been stripped of all original detailing, and such that has been added, like the sunburst overdoor windows are obviously modern. One wonders what the city planning people were thinking when they approved this project. To sanction the removal of a treasured and attractive amenity such as the Van Dyke Cafe that anchored the entire block and have it replaced with this bland corporate snooze fest is a serious planning oversight. It's now a perfect spot for a bank or maybe a blank.

The whole Lincoln Road corridor is losing it's charm and character, building by building, block by block. The loss of the church is a big blow, the H&M is another, we can go on an on. The lack of aesthetic sophistication on the part of the city is appalling."—Evji108 [Is The Restored Van Dyke Building Facade Really This Bland?]