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Miami Sets Its Sights on Winning the Knight Cities Challenge

Y'know, Miami can get serious. And competitive. Especially if the victors gets spoils with which to enrich itself. And that's just what the Knight Cities Challenge aims to do. On Tuesday night, in Design District, civic visionaries crowded into to see how they could win a piece of the $5 million pie that would be sliced off to people with ideas to make cities more successful.

What is this challenge, you ask? It's deceptively easy to enter, with just two questions and limited explanation--at least for round one. The call is open for big ideas (and deceptively simple and small ones, too, really) from October 1 to November 15 at 5p.m. -- so mark your clocks and calendars.

Gehl Architects presented proposals of repurposing underused spaces as "people places." Because people need people. And places.

According to the Knight Foundation Miami Program Director Matt Haggman, the ingredients for an upheaval of urban proportions are already present here.

You could add some flavorful thinking to the mix. So apply already.

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