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Cuban-American Billionaire to Erect a Major Flagpole of Pride

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Sometimes, the only way to salute your country is to find a way that stands at attention at all times. In the most patriotic way possible. That way, dear readers, must always include a flag. Or so billionaire Miguel B. "Mike" Fernandez thinks. The Cuban-American chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners wants to measure his love for his country.

Downtown Miami would be lucky recipient of a 425-foot-tall flagpole as a welcoming beacon for visitors and guests. Kind of like our own Statue of Liberty.

This would be the tallest flagpole in the country. Because that's how you know Miami would be happy to see you. The flag would be 70 times taller than the average person.

Why don't people like this idea?

Some don't like it because the plan would use 1,000 square feet of public land on the southeast corner of Museum Park.

But a flag is a symbol of strength and pride, so others have no issue with it. So, the consensus is, salute or capture the flag? Time will tell.
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Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida