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Yes Virginia, That 8-Story Tower Can Come To Lowrise 'MiMo'

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A post a few weeks ago on a possible 8-story condo tower in the low-rise MiMo Historic District at 6443 Biscayne generated a decent amount of twitter traffic with many saying the project is a no go because of the District's 35 foot height limit. While the controversial limit does apply to this property, the project's realtors stated that approval was received before the height limit became law and is still in effect.

City of Miami Planning Zoning staff contacted were too busy approving the daily mega-project to confirm that this particular approval was still alive but did say it was possible that extensions had been granted that would allow it to be built. Curbed hasn't had time yet to go search those dusty Planning and Zoning files in person, but it seems unlikely that the developer and realtors (who are also very busy these days and don't like their time wasted thank you) would be putting it out there for sale if it definitely can't be built.—Donald Shockey

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