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With Site Cleared, Work Continues at Panorama Tower

Now that developer Tibor Hollo has had the site cleared of the parking garage that was once there, the 822 foot Panorama Tower has begun "driving sheet piles" according to exMiami, which makes sense because (if "driving sheet piles" is what it sounds like it is) you've gotta go down before you go up. This meshes with this photo sent in by a Curbed reader today of the site, where big pilings can be seen piled up in a clump, and a big machine thing that looks like it's driving them into the ground is positioned in the lower left of the shot. The reader says "I'm no expert but seems like slow going compared to other buildings rising. It's been like 6 months of demolition and site work, or so it seems." Meanwhile, pile driving is noisy work, so they'll only be doing it from 8 am to 8 pm.
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Panorama Tower

1101 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida