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This Avocado Avenue House is Coconut Grove All The Way

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The terse listing description may not appreciate how much this 2,350 square foot, eclectic house, listed for $895,000, just fully embodies what's great about Coconut Grove, but we do. The tropical midcentury architecture, with its dark woods, high ceilings, and open spaces, strongly implies that it was designed by the great Alfred Browning Parker, along with the 1950 construction date. Hell, the street it's on is even called 'Avocado Avenue' for crying out loud. So, what if it's small, only has two baths, and has some rather funky spaces (take a look at that bedroom!), you're living in a fucking jungle. And whoever demolishes this place to put up a McMansion aught to be filleted alive.

· 3650 Avocado Avenue [Redfin]