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Play 'Catch' With A-Rod at This $5.9M House Across the Street

Yankee Alex Rodriguez is building his new house right across the street from this 10,000+ square foot $5.9 million that the realtor (Carole Smith with EWM) rather illustriously calls 'Onyx Estate'. Right, ok, well the ballplayer's year long suspension is almost up, so by the time his house is built he probably won't be around too much to play ball in the street with, and when he is around he'll certainly be on the straight-and-narrow, you know, back on the wagon, so your chances of getting doped up with your famous baseball star neighbor when he's on vacation are about zero, but hey, you're still across the street. Plus he can probably get you some great season tickets.

· 4955 SW 83rd Street [Carole Smith]