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Inside Saarinen's TWA Terminal; NYC in 1980's Tourist Photos

The latest from the big boys at Curbed NY...

1) Jamaica: The highly-iconic TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport has been closed to the public since 2002, to the disappointment of many. But in cooperation with yearly citywide program Open House New York, the terminal unlocked its doors to a few lucky members of the public over the weekend. See the curves, columns, and arches in a condition close to the full glory intended by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen.

2) All Over: New York has changed at an unprecedented rate in the past three decades. A series of photographs of the city captured by an unknowing tourist in the 1980's highlights just how much.

3) Harlem: Chelsea's High Line, an elevated park built atop decommissioned rail tracks, has inspired the creation of similar parks across the world. Now, an ambitious group is eyeing a stretch of Harlem rail to be the city's next High Line-inspired park. Bonus: the concept comes with a lot of much-needed affordable housing.

4) Midtown: The city officially has a new tallest residential tower. 432 Park Avenue, the Rafael Viñoly-designed superscraper, has finally reached its superlative height of 1,396 feet.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]