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Miami Gets Smoked; Meet Vagabond Restaurant

The latest dining dish from Eater Miami...

1) Upper East Side: Along with the renovation of the historic Vagabond Hotel in MiMo comes a brand new restaurant from the mind of 25 year old Alex Chang. Simply called Vagabond Restaurant, this new eatery has some very big plans, all of which you can read about this way. Plans, by the way, include but are not limited to grasshoppers.

2) South Beach: Steve Santana, a web developer turned passionate tortilla maker, is opening up his own Mexican taqueria, Taquiza. The word in Spanish refers to a taco party. Pretty appropriate. Here's everything Santana had to say about his new adventure.

3) Little Havana: Miami Smokers, we've all heard of them and have probably all eaten their meats at one time or another (they distribute to a handful of popular Miami restaurants), but it isn't until now that they're finally opening their own shop and restaurant. The details are pretty carnivorously yummy sounding.
·Eater Miami [miami.eater]

Vagabond Motel

7301 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL