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The Iconic Flying Land Bridge of I-395 is Fully Funded

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With the $500-$600 million budget fully funded, the gigantic flying land bridge of I-395 should sail over Biscayne Boulevard with the greatest of ease in 2018, the scheduled completion date. The final design hasn't been decided on yet, but FDOT has narrowed it down to two options: the Wishbone and the Lotus. Of course, somebody with great aesthetic sensibilities should probably be making this decision, a famous designer perhaps, but this decision is in the hands of FDOT's architects and engineers. So there. Oh wait, there's an Aesthetic Steering Committee. Well, that helps. As for which is which, the Wishbone arch design is basically a very long and very elegant Santiago-Calatrava-esque arch that splits open as it soars over Biscayne Boulevard. It's in the first rendering, here. That wonky thing in the image above must be the Lotus.
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