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Temple House, of One Direction Fame, Taken Off The Market

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Temple House, the private home and video production facility that One Direction oh, so adorably (and quite flirtatiously) trashed in their "Best Song Ever" music video, was taken off the market earlier this year after being listed for $16.925 million and, umm, nobody noticed... As far as Curbed recalls, there was no news coverage. None. Zilch, which is slightly odd considering how it made the Wall Street Journal (and everywhere else) when it first hit the market in January. Besides One Direction, all kinds of celebrities have partied in this former synagogue, created by architect L. Murray Dixon in the 1940s. Anywho... it was taken off the market back in May, unsold, but here's the music video for your viewing pleasure.
· 1415 Euclid Avenue, Miami Beach [Zillow]
· On the Market [Curbed Miami]

Temple House

1415 Euclid Avenue, Miami Beach, FL