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Tobacco Road to be Replaced by Condo Tower, or Something

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After 102 years in business Tobacco Road, Miami's oldest bar, is finally closing on October 25th in the face of the 'new Brickell', condo towers, shopping malls and all. A few years ago, developer Carlos Mattos bought the land on which the bar's historic building sits, provoking fears that it might be developed upon, but gave it a few year's reprieve while he decided what to do with the site. Well, we don't know if he's decided or not, but Mr. Mattos wants his land, so there goes Tobacco Road. The business itself may or may not be resurrected on another site, presumably with the same liquor license and thus retaining the distinction of being "Miami's Oldest Bar", but it would be Tobacco Road's first move ever.
· 102 Year Old Tobacco Road Bids Farewell, Hopefully Just For Now [Eater Miami]

Tobacco Road Bar

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