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Mama Mizner! Starchitect Daniel Libeskind Condos Could be Coming to Boca Raton

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Developer Elad National Properties has brought starchitect Daniel Libeskind to Boca Raton to design a four-towered luxury condo complex called the New Mizner on the Green (although it actually might just be 'Mizner on the Green', the name of the rental community currently on the site. We've seen it written both ways). If approved by city government, the towers will be (A) huge for Boca Raton, from 22-29 stories, way over the existing 100-foot height limit for the site, (B) very unlike most of Libeskind's other existing work, much of which tends to look like a mashup between a Holocaust museum and an iceberg, and (C) ironically named after another architect with an extremely different design sensibility who defined the typical Mediterranean Revival look of Boca Raton: Addison Mizner. The 500-unit project would include a two-acre public park, a large landscaped space in which the towers are set back 240 feet, and sweeping views over the Boca Raton Resort & Club and the ocean beyond.

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