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Wynwood Zoning Overhaul Could Bring Residential, Other Stuff

As Wynwood has transformed from an industrial zone, then garment wholesale district, then urban wasteland, art district, and finally actual fully realized neighborhood with shops, restaurants, art galleries, public amenities, and residents, the old industrial zoning basically hasn't... and that's becoming more and more of a problem. Now, local Wynwoodians are revamping the whole darn thing and, through a community Business Improvement District (or BID) and urban design firm PlusUrbia, drafting a much more suitable master plan/zoning code.. with lots of new things, including residential! Oh, and the City of Miami Planning Board's on board, so to speak, as well. They'll review the plan, both sides will negotiate, and bam! The new Wynwood awaits.
· The Residential Future of Wynwood [Ocean Drive]