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Fish Tank Penthouse; Sarah Jessica Parker Makes Trouble

All the latest real estate and neighborhood news from Curbed NY...

1) Midtown West: Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks and Rangers play, lost its battle last year to remain in its current location above Penn Station, which means that it's now time to start imagining what a new Garden would look like, and what that would mean for Penn Station, which is currently the worst place in the world.

2) Astor Place: Ever wanted to live in a glassy penthouse in Lower Manhattan with 1,300 gallons worth of fishtanks lining the walls? Now you can, provided you have $16 million.

3) Lower East Side: Living with a roommate in a 300-square-foot apartment might seem unbearable, but when you see how these two twentysomethings pulled it off with a walkup on Orchard Street it will seem...still pretty unbearable, but marginally less so.

4) West Village: The townhouse at 66 Perry Street was used as Carrie Bradshaw's house in Sex and the City and has become something of a tourist attractions for fans of the show, much to the chagrin of its owners, who made a big fuss when Sarah Jessica Parker showed up recently and used the stoop for a photo shoot (sans permission). That address, once again, is 66 Perry Street, New York, NY.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]