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More Renderings Revealed of Studio Gang's Sweetbird South Residences, in the Design District

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Fresh renderings of Starchitect Jeanne Gang's planned Sweetbird South Residences building in the Miami Design District have been released by the architect herself, via ArchDaily. It looks like the design has been refined a tad since earlier renderings came out, with articulation of the balcony railings, a little more organization to where the double-height balconies are, and slight changes to detailing around the ground level retail.

As the architect describes the building, according to ArchDaily, the tower will "demonstrate Studio Gang's principle of exo-spatial high-rise design in which the inside extends to the outside in a dynamic spatial arrangement. The exterior of the building produces habitable spaces that function as a contemporary Florida Room," Studio Gang explains. "These shaded, open-air rooms provide both a thermal buffer for the interior and an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining." So, basically it'll have deep balconies.

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