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Comment of the day

"Firstly I don't think we should demonize anybody, in spite of what their grandparents may have done. Yes it is true that many of the oversized buildings from the 1970s are from this developer... but that doesn't mean they haven't learned something in the past several decades (hopefully..)"

"However, this particular proposal just does not make sense for historic Washington Avenue. Whether you want to be able to "walk down" Washington with your kids or not, a hulking tower is not going to change that. Not to mention that the Angler's across the street already got approval for a very large new addition which will certainly help to revitalize that block. I suggest the developer update their proposal to fit within the existing zoning envelope... then let's move forward to discuss what will really revitalize this important Avenue... those who think that FAR increases are how to revitalize a street should look at all the blank empty towers in Downtown Miami... there is no pedestrian activation and the buildings are more of a blight on the street than anything positive. Wash Ave is a thriving street as it is... take a walk down it today and you will see... it's just a matter of having a good mix of tenants and also cleaning up some of the loiterers who harass tourists and passersby."—Preserve305 [Grandson of Notorious Art Deco Foe Wants to Build This]