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Comment of the day

"This just sucks beyond belief. Tobacco Road is not just any old dive bar, it's the undisputed oldest bar in Miami. What's the second-oldest? Nobody even knows. Or cares. I get that you can't stop progress, and property owners certainly have the right to maximize the profitability of their property. But it's really a shame to lose such a unique and noteworthy institution."

"A clever and creative property owner, which this one apparently is not, could have found a way to construct a condo development with a pseudo-rustic "Old Florida" theme over and above Tobacco Road, incorporating the existing bar into the new structure. Or if nothing else, tear down the admittedly-dilapidated bar but offer the owners the opportunity to operate a modernized replica of it as tenants in a ground floor rental space in the new building. The Road keeps its business, Miami keeps The Road and the occupants of the new condo tower get their association dues off-set by the rental income. But I guess something like that would just make way too much sense."—Dick Richards [Tobacco Road to be Replaced by Condo Tower or Something]

Tobacco Road Bar

626 S Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33130 Visit Website