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Newest Park Grove Renders Are A "Less Is More" Heaven

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Combine the soft, swoopy, pillowy, very pearlescent stereotype of Heaven, minus any classical architecture or big golden gates, with the not-very choppy, sort-of-aquamarine big puddle-ness of Biscayne Bay, doted here and there with blobby islands of green, and you get something remarkably like the latest renderings for Park Grove, starchitect Rem Koolhaas' luxury condo project in Coconut Grove. According to sales literature, the towers' shapes were inspired by the Bay's islands, so maybe there's something to that? Of course it also looks like the Apple mothership got tied up in a knot and left in the weeds, which could be a profound compliment or insult depending on your point of view. Or it's a hospital of the utopian future. If everything goes right in the next hundred years, everyone will be dying of old age (because there will be nothing else to die of), like happy little futurlings, in buildings just like this.

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Park Grove

2701 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL