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Julian Schnabel Creating a 'Mini-Chupi' in Flatiron Park

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World famous (and by famous we mean FAMOUS, like Andy Warhol lovechild famous) artist Julian Schnabel is Schnabel-izing the Brickell Flatiron sales center in Brickell Flatiron Park. Although these pictures were taken yesterday afternoon, he's probably down there right now, if anyone wants to take a look, and we know you do. The temporary building will have a complete facade treatment by him, and will be totally done up on the inside by him, including wall art, furniture, and all. The little pink palace is being modeled after his famous home (and residential development, actually), the very pink Palazzo Chupi in New York, and is having its grand opening/sales launch during Art Basel.

· Brickell Flatiron [Curbed Miami]

Brickell Flatiron Park

1100 SE First Ave., Miami, FL