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The Penthouse at Faena House is Selling for a Record $60M

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The penthouse at the Faena House in Mid Beach, which was listed for $50 million and is currently in contract, will sell for a record $60 million, according to a source familiar with the transaction, making it the most expensive home ever sold in Dade County. Yes, that's $10 million over the asking price.

The buyer is still, predictably, confidential, but we hear it's not Wall Street honcho Lloyd Blankfein or gallerist Larry Gagosian, who both purchased in the building, so it's possible it's Leon Black, another Wall Street guy among the new residential owners. Or maybe, and this is purely speculative thinking, it could be Len Blavatnik, Alan Faena's partner on the project, although he probably would have gotten a better deal.

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Faena House

3301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida