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Floorplans Revealed for Don Peebles' Bath Club Estates

The Bath Club Estates, a tower with a mere thirteen units, is revealing the floor plans for its expansive, expensive units, including the two "villas", which are basically two units of two floors each which take up a half of each floor, and are about 9,200 interior square feet each, and the standard units ('standard' being a relative term when each one is many millions of dollars a pop) that each take up a full floor, and are 5,000 square feet. Add to that the sizes of the terraces: 2,200 square feet for the tower units, and approximately 4,100 square feet and approximately 4,700 square feet for the two villa units, which each include their own pools. The $50 million penthouse floor plans aren't included.

Interiors are, of course, very roomy and although the floorplans seem rather minimally designed (vast, warehouse-like stretches of raw space anyone?), remember that these purchase prices come with a customized interior design by one of the project's four designated designers, which is one of the main selling points of the whole shebang.

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