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Uber Expands With Uspcale-ish Variant, uberSELECT

Uber is expanding in South Florida with a more upscale variant, uberSELECT, which, while not quite the fancy uberBLACK that Uber is really known for (and which we don't have yet) is still meant to be, like, the somewhat fancier version of Uber. uberSELECT customers get picked up in nicer vehicles like Mercedes, BMWs, and Audis (they didn't give any examples that aren't German, but presumably cars of other nationalities are included as well. uberSELECT "rider zero" is shown in front of a Lexus), served foie gras under glass, and stuff like that. No, obviously there will actually be no foie gras, unless you bring your own, but prices will be a bit higher. This is beginning to sound an awful lot like a press release. Sorry.
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