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What is the Washington Park Hotel, on Washington & 11th?

A hotel calling itself the Washington Park Hotel, but revealing frightfully few other details, besides its location at 11th and Washington Avenue, and its opening, early next year, has started advertising, while portraying itself in a feminine, if incredibly opaque, way. HotelChatter says it's on right on trend with hotel marketing schemes in New York, where some hotels are being presented as "mysterious manly-named places, with as few details as possible." Could it be a retooled Garden Hotel South Beach, which is currently under construction at that intersection, which we covered quite a while ago, does have its own website, or perhaps something else?

UPDATE: Wait, yes, it appears that this is exactly the Washington Park Hotel. According to a tipster-sent-in update to our earlier coverage, the hotel disassociated itself with the Wyndham name and became the Washington Park Hotel. Head over here for mucho design details of the public garden plaza that the hotel is creating.
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