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Brooklyn's Miami-esque Mansion Cuts Price; Corleone House

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If you're looking for news about homes owned by mobsters, both real and fictional, look no further than Curbed NY...

1) Mill Basin: The most Miami-looking thing in New York City is a four-story compound on the Brooklyn waterfront that was built by a Colombo crime family associate. It was listed just over a year ago for $30 million, found no takers, and has now cut its price to $17 million.

2) Staten Island: Speaking of the mafia, the house that served as Don Corleone's compound in The Godfather has hit the market for second time in five years, this time for $2.85 million.

3) Noho: Non-mafioso Paris Hilton just bought a two-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse near Astor Place for $4.9 million, so the residents of the other three units in the building can look forward to living next to her and her seven tiny dogs.

4) Bay Ridge: One of the most unique homes in New York, Bay Ridge's Gingerbread House, is now available to rent for $26,000/month. Or you can still buy it for $10.5 million. Or you can just look at the pictures.
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