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Miami Beach Bans Bikes on Lincoln Road; Cyclists Pay No Mind

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New signs at Meridian and Washington Avenues have blasted a new message in orange bulbs that burst with warning: 'Bicycles Prohibited 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.' A new city ordinance passed this in the fall.

Is anyone heeding this message? Not quite. According to reports by the Miami New Times, cyclists buzzed right by the sign.

Apparently, people follow the flow of foot traffic, and want additional information: are bicycles prohibited, or just riding them? Could cyclists use them to get to the mall, and walk them to the rack?

These questions and more are racking brains of riders who do see the signs. In the name of safety, can we get this plan to work for everyone?

· Miami Beach Bans Bikes on Lincoln Road, but Cyclists Ride On [Miami New Times]