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And That's When City Cyclists Were Said to Start to Take Over

Okay, okay. Maybe cyclists are not exactly taking over from the road warriors with four wheels. But the troops for crowdsourced commuting options are increasing with options like Uber. Even if you're not happy with the latest in Uber's latest comment-driven snafu, or underground taxis, then maybe you can consider your own foot power for a brisk break.

Citi Bike snapped this shot of an upcoming station near Perez Art Museum that is one of 75 new installations coming to the city.

Bikes can be rented hourly or through a 3-month minimum bike sharing membership, where riders can check out and return any available bike from any station all day long. The first 30 minutes are free to account for the details of docking and parking the bike. Prices for memberships can hover at about $25 a month for unlimited 60-minute rides, and $4.00 for each additional half hour. If you're a biking warrior, you can pay $35 for a month of unlimited 60 minute rides. Hourly rentals range from $4 for a half hour, to $24 for the entire day. In other words, it seems pretty reasonable.

It's worked in cities across the country, and even across the world, such as Paris and Barcelona. Give it a whirl.

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