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Miami Is Brimming with Even More Young and Beautiful People

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Here's something you probably sensed: Miami has many of the young, beautiful, and restless. Nearly 46 percent of its residents are between ages 25 and 44, compared to 29 percent nationwide.

ICYMI, the Miami Downtown Development Authority produced a report that profiled a seismic shift of sorts in the greater downtown area, from Brickell to Edgewater and Midtown.

Seismic, indeed. Since 2000, Brickell had a 152 percent surge in population to 32,489. The population in the Central Business District soared 193 percent to 14,358 while the Arts & Entertainment district grew 162 percent to 11,622.

According to Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, "The downtown population seems to be a younger, more creative class demographic. It's more gritty. They want to get their hands dirty and mix it up. They aren't as interested in owning something as in their ease of getting around, a lot of times without cars." Hello, sharing services like Citi Bike and Uber.

Unlike cities up north like Boston and New York, there were nearly 23,000 condos built that busted in the last bubble, resulting in discounted prices and affordable first homes for some younger residents. Occupancy rose from 62 percent in 2009 to nearly full in the present day.

Overall, downtown Miami's population nearly doubled to 80,750 this year, compared to the 2000 Census, according to the DDA estimate. It's projected to reach 92,519 by 2019.

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