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Hollo Says Hello to New York Developer on Brickell Project

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Three developers. Two 60-story towers. One Villa Magna.

New York-based MG Properties has partnered with Tibor Hollo's Florida East Coast Realty in this new financial district development.

The mixed-use project, including residential units and a hotel, sits on a 2.5-acre waterfront site. Villa Magna would have 1.8 million square feet in two 60-story towers.

There are plans for this project from Hollo that date back to 2012: the residences will house 400 units, and a hotel will accommodate 180 to 200 suites. The residential towers will face the water and sit at either end of the property, with the hotel in the middle. Kind of a hotel sandwich, if you will.

"Building landmark structures in global gateway cities is a key focus area for MG Properties and 1201 Brickell Bay Drive, with its enviable waterside location and other attributes," according to the vision in the MG Properties press release.

The race is on to the finish line for this development: 3-2-1 go.