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Secrets: Port of Miami Tunnel Is Actually a Time Warp Funnel

Bright lights, big time warp. This photo, taken by Curbed Flickr Photo Pool contributor extraordinaire Sandra Channing, has the back story behind this neon wormhole.

"I took this picture a few months back at the Port of Miami Tunnel with a fellow art accomplice Marvin Delgado (who was at the wheel driving safely while I snapped away)." This is a good time for a public service announcement. Don't text, snap, or do anything other than drive if you're behind the wheel, people.

"Seeing the movie Interstellar last night gave me a lot of inspiration because of the time travel / intergalactic exploration themes. I raced home and started researching time travel and came across a fascinating story of Dr. Carl Jung describing a "mild blue light" during a strange inter-dimensional experience. The common thread I found in reading these stories is that the typical linear nature of time as we experience it can get disrupted or "broken". These stories could be fiction but there are still many unknowns about the nature of time. I applied a mild "glitch art" filter to further explore the idea of embracing when things get 'broken.'"

· [Curbed Miami Flickr Pool]