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Design Miami's Entrance Will Be A Circular Room of Colors

The product of the young talent traditionally commissioned to create Design Miami's tent entrance every year is supposed to wow us. After all, it's Design Miami's biggest public moment, the thing that they can show off to people who aren't buying tickets or have complimentary admission in some other way (VIP, press passes, sneaking in, etc.).

This year's entrance will be by designer Jonathan Muecke, and it's basically a circular room with a clear ceiling (plastic, or canvas, or whatever those exhibition tents are made out of) and walls that are painted in solid blocks of red and green. Like Christmas. On the outside the walls will be blue and yellow. The provided description is all about how the space is a respite from the crazy world, as architect's descriptions about minimalist spaces tend to be, and it "allows visitors a moment of quiet reflection." Ugh, how over-used is that phrase in architecturebabble? Considering the outside world in the case of Design Miami is a large parking lot, most visitors will have had all the quiet reflection they need in the slog over from the car, or the hotel shuttle, or whatever. On a lighter note, Muecke is a total hottie. Anybody know if he's single?
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