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Historic Mansion to be Replaced by Exact Duplicate

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The historic Mediterranean Revival manse at 5869 Pinetree Drive is about to see the proverbial wrecking ball, and then rise from its own rubble sort of like a phoenix. The house was built in 1926, and although the architect is unknown it was probably designed by DeGarmo, or Shoeppl, or Martin, or one of those guys. It lived a long and stately life, getting a bunch of art deco junk slapped on it in the 80s. Redfin has old listing photos.

Now owners Michael and Nicole Simkins are having The Weber Studio architecture firm replace it, well... with itself, without that art deco stuff, or without any of the annoyances of an actual old house, while bringing it back as closely as possible to the original design. With certain updates like central air, hurricane windows, and new appliances obviously. And who wouldn't blame them for wanting bigger bathrooms? Bathrooms from the 20s are generally pretty puny.

· 5869 Pinetree Drive [Redfin]