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Fisher Island Introduces Lavish, Very Fisher, Palazzo Del Sol

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With lawsuits and international intrigue finally wrapping up, Fisher Island is getting back to some good ol' condo building, and none too soon. They haven't seen new construction in seven years, and by common consensus, everyone says it's getting a bit stale. Well, here it is folks, the first of two new towers for Fisher Island, Palazzo Del Sol and Palazzo Del Luna. This is Del Sol. The building will of course share in Fisher's long list of existing amenities (golf, tennis, marinas, private beaches, Biscayne Bay doubling as a moat, blah, blah, blah) and come with some new stuff like a butler-staffed aperitivo bar and lounge, valet parking, a movie theater, fur coat storage, poolside cabanas for purchase, etc.

The website and fact sheet say Palazzo Del Sol is ten stories, but for some reason they don't include the lobby, rooftop pool areas, or underground parking, so it's actually thirteen floors at least. Units, of which there are 47, range in price from a $5 million three bedroom job, to a $32 million.

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