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The History of Bedford Ave; Stories Behind NYC Gentrification

1) Williamsburg: As Haight/Ashbury was to the Hippie movement, Williamsburg's Bedford Avenue is (or, was) to this generation's Hipsters. Explore three centuries of Bedford Avenue history, from farming hinterlands to blighted 'hood to Hipster haven to the proliferation of pricey condos the neighborhood is known for today.

2) Tribeca: Funnyman and political commentator Jon Stewart has sold his Tribeca digs for $17.5 million, three times what he paid for the loft in 2005. While the massive profit feels incongruous to the Jon Stewart character, the LLC name under which he sold the apartment does not: Stanley Monkey Trust, a moniker that combines the names of Stweart's beloved pets.

3) All Over: This week, the term gentrification turned 50. Perhaps no where has more substantially witnessed the implications of the word than New York City. Curbed NY rounded up a series of first-hand accounts of the moment when some New Yorkers realized their home was changing.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]