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ICA Miami Will Build Its Permanent Home in the Design District

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It wasn't going to be in the Moore Space forever (although the Moore Building, absent of all other tenants, would make a mighty fine art museum). Miami's Institute of Contemporary Art, which just moved into their temporary home, has announced new digs, which they plan to occupy in time for Art Basel 2016. The 37,500 square foot building will be designed by Aranguren & Gallegos Arquitectos—the first U.S. project for the Madrid-based firm—and will be complemented by its own 15,000 square foot sculpture garden. Oh, and it will be 50 feet east of the De la Cruz Collection, the Design District's other big repository of contemporary art, on NE 40th Street. Art City, people.

The ICA is a contemporary art museum created by Miami's deepest pocketed contemporary art purists, who want a place for contemporary art in its most exalted, internationally-respected, cutting edge, dare-we-say 'highest and best' form, free from the constraints of outside interests. Thank god for rich people. The land is being donated by the Design District Associates (a.k.a. Craig Robins & partners) and the building is being built by the Bramans, and other private donors. Quite pointedly, the ICA will not be named after anybody, unlike some other museums we know (coughPAMMcough). "The name will be ICA Miami. There will be no naming in terms of the museum" says Norman Braman. Finally, although the ICA is Miami's first nonprofit, public art museum to be created since the dawn of MOCA. "It will not be built with any public funds, it will be all privately funded." says Bramen.
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