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Met Square Will Have Public Plaza With Archeological Stuff

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Plans for archeological exhibits at the site of the planned Met Square tower have expanded to include, in addition to various sections of the site preserved in interior gallery spaces, a cross-block public plaza that will have remnants of the Royal Palm Hotel, and a line demarcating the original Miami River shoreline, integrated into the plaza landscaping. The Next Miami first reported updated plans. The interior exhibits, which will be operated under a partnership with HistoryMiami, are also looking more elaborate, with glass floors over the partially-preserved Tequesta sites, educational and informational displays, and a preserved well dating back from Fort Dallas that doesn't seem to have been a part of previous plans (as far as we can tell).

· Met Square adding plaza, gallery & exhibits to display historical findings at site [The Next Miami]
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Met Square

300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, Florida