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Rem Koolhaas' Faena Forum Will Be A Multilevel Fun-Plex

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The Rem Koolhaas-designed Faena District arts center, which is currently under construction, will be called the Faena Forum, reports Dezeen. A good, solid name. The multilevel structure will combine an elevated, Pantheon-like cylindrical structure entered from below and a "cuboid" block to the rear, and will have two main spaces stacked vertically.

On the lower level, a bar and reception area will surround a sunken circular performance area into which the very processional entry stair slices. A user's first impression of the interior will be from within the performance space, perhaps suggesting that they are on display themselves. Life, or at least going to the theater, is its own performance perhaps? (Has Koolhaas taken a note from Morris Lapidus, who was famous for putting the guests on display in his glamorous hotels?) Above this, a multifunctional auditorium will sit under a 12-meter-high dome. More photos and renderings are over at Dezeen, and after the jump.

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