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'World Trade Center' is a Perfectly Fine Building Name

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After news came out yesterday that a tower with the name 'World Trade Center of the Americas' is coming to Downtown MIami, the Miami New Times made a little remark about the political sensitivity about said name, somewhat indirectly in their article about it, but a bit more directly on social media. Just the utterance of "9/11" is perhaps enough explanation of their reasoning.

The name, however, is perfectly fine. It's not sacred, and in fact it conveys a powerful message of positivity and international commerce and exchange. The New York World Trade Center site is still using that name, and there are over 300 other World Trade Centers around the world that also do. If Nantes and Tenerife can have World Trade Centers then certainly so can Miami. And in fact, we do. It's called the World Trade Center Miami, and it's at the port. Practically next door to this project. 'World Trade Center' is not just a name, but a specific type of building in which international trade takes place, under the umbrella of the World Trade Centers Association. According to Wikipedia: "Founded in 1970, it is an unofficial umbrella trade association that unites corporations and government agencies in international trade. A World Trade Center puts all the services associated with global commerce under one roof to foster networking processes among corporations and governments." Miami is a center of pan-american and global trade, and we need, nay, we deserve properly named and affiliated buildings to accommodate that.

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