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Here's What's Inside That Pink Building in Flatiron Park

The very pink building that recently took up residence in Brickell Flatiron Park is almost done, and yes, it's the temporary sales center for the condominium building that's going to be built in the large parking lot on the block behind it, fittingly named Brickell Flatiron. Like the public spaces, art, and other highlights of the future condo tower, the sales center was designed by international big-deal artist Julian Schnabel, and (unlike the condos) was designed to resemble his famous New York residence, a pink Venetian Palazzo on top of a former horse stable in the West Village called Palazzo Chupi, which is just as ridiculous as it sounds. The Flatiron sales center, however, is considerably less ridiculous, with the strong connection between its venetian roots and Miami's many Mediterranean Revival buildings.

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Brickell Flatiron Park

1100 SE First Ave., Miami, FL