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Curbed Cup Round 1 Results Revealed!

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This year's Curbed Cup Round 1 results were, well, here we go... the MiMo District trounced Downtown probably because, as one commenter said "In terms of which neighborhood truly embraces its past and uses it as a way to guide and integrate the future, MiMo has it by a landslide." Coral Gables handily won over South Beach, with one commenter calling South Beach "somewhat staid" and another stating flatly that Coral Gables is "the most elegant and livable neighborhood in Miami." Going up against the Design District, Brickell won by a hair. Finally, Coconut Grove saw a fairly easy win against Edgewater, perhaps because the Grove is doing a better job at keeping its local character and charm. But that's just a guess. Anybody want to chime in on that?
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