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The Design District's Palm Court is Pretty Much Done

Just in time for Art Basel festivities yesterday, the Miami Design District debuted its Palm Court, and the southern half of Paseo Ponti, the pedestrian allee that will eventually go from 38th to 42nd streets. While most of the stores intended for the Palm Court aren't yet open, surprisingly many are (or are about to be), including Buglari, and lots of other very fancy jewelry stores. The court itself is gorgeous, with a reproduction of R. Buckminster Fuller's Fly's Eye Dome (although they had planned to place the original there, in the end it was decided to do a reproduction instead so as to protect the original, which is now temporarily at PAMM) serving as a centerpiece. A sculpture of Le Corbusier stands nearby, contemplating the dome.

The press conference was focused on the debut of the ICA Miami in the Design District, and more or less a recap of what everyone read that morning, except now everyone was sitting around while they thanked everyone else. Board co-chair Irma Braman thanked her husband and Craig Robins, who thanked Norma and co-chair Ray Ellen Yarkin, as well as Mayor Tomas Regalado. In turn Regalado thanked the ICA and Robins for such a fabulous neighborhood. When the Mayor got to thanking Robins for the landscaping, it was obviously time to wrap things up and get the District tour going, which is exactly what happened.

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