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P.B. Gardens McMansion Goes Baroque Crazy for $30 Million

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William P.D. Pierce, the broker that brought you what was momentarily the most expensive listing (and is still the most expensive half-built house, and certainly one of the gaudiest) in the United States, Le Palais Royal, as well as the most expensive listing in Miami (and an expression of exquisite good taste), La Brisa, is back to gaudy, with his latest listing: Palazzo Grande.

The $30 million house in Palm Beach Gardens was built in 2005, but designed to look like an old-world Italian villa, or an American Versailles from the Gilded Age (something tells us the owners weren't able to tell the difference) and if you were far enough away (and half-blind) the illusion might even work. Included within the 16,000 square feet are a whopping 40 chandeliers, six bedrooms, eight baths, and a ballroom.

· 5435 Sea Biscuit Road [Caldwell Banker]