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More Artsy (Condo?) Towers Planned for Former Wynwood Central Site

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Having purchasing the site of the planned Wynwood Central mixed-use residential building at 215 and 227-339 Northwest 24th Street for $23.5 million, East End Capital has (sort of) revealed what they plan to do with it, and other property it owns in the area, on their website (H/T to The Next Miami). Say hello to one very colorful tower, and another that has that 1111-look that's so in right now. Both appear to be commercial on the ground floor, and (possibly) residential above, with what's obviously parking on intervening levels. A third project, which is already being marketed by brokers, at 63 NW 23rd Street, will be one story of retail with a central staircase/amphitheater setup that will lead to an extensive roof deck. Renderings show a rooftop movie screen too, which would be nice. All-in-all, that's 500,000 square feet of development.

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