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Here are Miami's Greatest Hits, and More, in Pixelated Form

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If you threw all of contemporary Miami into a video game from the 1970s, shook it up, and sprayed it all over a big wall or other flat surface, it might look like this, a pixelated Miami with incredible detail by eBoy, an artistic collaborative from France. The graphic, called eBoyMiami which eBoy and Marsdesign Miami, a design firm, released during Art Basel (they had done a second, more Miami International Airport-focused image previously) The levels of detail are pretty incredible, including all the highlights, some funny stereotypes, and some more obscure references. Pixelated police crawl around shipping containers at PortMiami, an island is occupied by a rather large house, the Versailles Cafe is in all its glory, there are food trucks, etc. etc.

· eBoy Miami by Marsdesign [Marsdesign]
· eBoy MIA [Marsdesign]