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It's MiMo District Versus Coconut Grove for the Curbed Cup

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The race is almost over, and just two great Miami neighborhoods are left in the running for the 2014 Curbed Cup. The neighborly pair are the MiMo Historic District and Coconut Grove. Voting for the cup starts tomorrow and lasts until noon on January 2nd, when the winning neighborhood will be heralded from the rooftops announced and given its make-believe (fake? whatever) trophy.

Both Coconut Grove and the MiMo Historic District are very much combinations are of something old and something new (so, tempted to follow that with "something borrowed and something blue" but, um, ok, no), where the neighborhood's history is being used as a guide for its future, but not in an overly historicist or pastiche way. (Okay, maybe MiMo cane be quite pastiche at times. People love retro) The final four races were pretty heated, with the MiMo District edging out Coral Gables by seventeen votes, and Coconut Grove taking a healthy lead over Brickell by one hundred and eight votes. Pick your sides, man your battle stations, throw litter in designated receptacles (nobody likes litter!) and get ready to vote, tomorrow.
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