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1940s Miami Shores Rancher Has its Own Little Jungle

Pro listing tip #1: rake your driveway before you take listing photos, particularly if it's under a lot of trees, like this little $669,000 ranch-style Miami Shores house from 1948 is. Although small, with three bedrooms in 2,100 square feet, the house knows how to work its biggest assets by taking advantage of the verdant yard with a freeform pool and large patio area. The living room seems to be doing a two-toned color scheme with the walls and ceiling, which... works, mostly, and the bathrooms, well, oh boy. Either the owners redid one, which undoubtedly had brightly colored tiles in a funky midcentury combination, had second thoughts, and stopped before they lost the second, or... well, let's just hope that's what happened.

· 575 NE 95th Street [Redfin]