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MiMo Versus Coconut Grove: Which Will Win the Curbed Cup?

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The race is almost over, and just two great Miami neighborhoods are left in the running for the 2014 Curbed Cup. The neighborly pair are the MiMo Historic District and Coconut Grove. Voting for the cup starts now and lasts until noon on January 2nd, when the winning 'nabe will be announced with much fanfare. And now, on with the competition!

After years of slow but steady improvements, the MiMo District has been having a big moment lately, with everything from new condo towers to small, historic motel renovations coming to the neighborhood. It has chic new restaurants, retail, and even a noticeable decrease in streetwalking prostitutes on Biscayne Boulevard (jk, jk!), and its intimate vibe is reinforced by a strict 35-foot height limit for new construction. Meanwhile, Coconut Grove, one of Miami's very oldest neighborhoods, is constantly improving in its maturity. New starchitecture is coming to its streets, while historic treasures abound (of course MiMo has plenty of historic structures too!). Vizcaya hasn't looked as good as it does in years, and the Grove is getting the new waterfront Regatta Park.

Poll results

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