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Cool Looking 'Cornfield West' Sunny Isles Project Could be Totally Redesigned

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'Cornfield West', a condo/hotel project designed by architect Kobi Karp for Sunny Isles Beach, was apparently 11 stories too tall for the site and was 'delayed' until next month by the Sunny Isles City Commission, to which it was submitted for a zoning variance for approval. All this is according to The Next Miami. This means, of course, that the developer wanted to go taller, the commission gave them a big fat NO (ironically despite Sunny Isles' well earned rep as towering condo country) and now the project is getting redesigned, which is kind of a pity, because this looks like one of Kobi's better works. It might have helped had they went ahead and named it something pretty, instead of the very, umm, horror movie-esque 'Cornfield West' (which is obviously a working title, right?)?
· Newly proposed Sunny Isles project includes condo & hotel units on the west side of Collins Avenue [The Next Miami]