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NYC's Lost Islands; Record Townhouse Sale in Park Slope

All the latest real estate news from Curbed NY...

1) Under the Sea: New York City has more islands than you probably knew about, including some that have been lost, Atlantis-style, under the sea, some that have been washed away, and some consumed by the Bronx. Read about eight such lost islands here.

2) Hook Creek: Photoessayist Nathan Kensinger takes us to the obscure Hook Creek, a neglected body of water in Queens that runs through such oft-forgotten neighborhoods as Idlewild, Snake Road, Meyer Harbor, and Meadowmere. Along the way, he encounters an eel fisherman whose "home has been under water at least 15 times," and more.

3) Midtown West: With the impending sales launches of about a dozen superluxury megatowers in Midtown Manhattan, sales at the pioneering One57 have slowed to a virtual halt. In the third quarter of 2014, only one unit in the building was purchased.

4) Park Slope: Brooklyn's most Brooklyn-y neighborhood has a new most expensive townhouse, as a 19th century mansion designed by the famous C.P.H. Gilbert just closed for $10.775 million. It had lingered on the market for over a year.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]