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Zaha Hadid is Still in the Market for Fancier Miami Digs

Starchitect, and over-all architectural queen of the world Zaha Hadid, who was attempting to upgrade to a larger place at the W Hotel in South Beach, was unsuccessful in doing so and has kept her smaller, "modest" unit at the building, according to the architect herself, who sat down with press (and Curbed Miami) at the groundbreaking of One Thousand Museum, the downtown Miami tower designed by her, last week. She also has given up with plans to redo the unit, because construction at the W is apparently just too complicated, with that building's myriad rules. Zaha, however, has not given up on her hunt for a Miami perch suitable of her queenliness.

According to a source, Zaha checked out the penthouse at the 1 Hotel & Homes, which on the one hand is somewhat surprising because that very beachy, and very beige project is most distinctly not her typical aesthetic, but on the other hand kind of not surprising considering how close it is to her current place at the W. More notably, however, she is still in talks with developers Louis Birdman and Gregg Covin of One Thousand Museum about acquiring a condo in that building.
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One Thousand Museum

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida